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All rabbits are first come - first served.

We will not sell rabbits under the age of eight weeks.

If you find a rabbit that interests you, please let us know.  To hold a rabbit, we require at least a 50% deposit, made payable via PayPal, Facebook pay, in cash, in person, or by Money Order. All PayPal payments should be sent via Friends and Family or by the buyer paying the 3% processing fee charged by PayPal.  Feel free to inquire about rabbits marked pending, as sometimes sales fall through for various reasons.   Deposits are non-refundable.  We will hold a rabbit for a maximum of two weeks, after which the rabbit will be made available to other interested parties unless other arrangements have been made. The balance owed must be paid in the form of cash, PayPal, or money order at or before pick up/delivery. The buyer (or buyer's appointed agent) must fully inspect the rabbit at the time of pickup before the sale is finalized. The sale is finalized once the rabbit is paid for in full and the buyer (or buyer's appointed agent) has taken possession of it. Once the sale is finalized the rabbit is 100% real property of the buyer.  

We guarantee that the rabbit was healthy at the time of sale,that they show no signs of disease, diarrhea, and/or nasal/eye discharge.


If a transporter is being used, the transporter will do the inspection of the animal for the buyer.  We are not responsible for any issues that result from the use of a transporter once that rabbit is out of our care. 

We cannot control what happens once the rabbit has left our care, including disease or death, including but not limited to, abuse, neglect, extreme temperatures, malnourishment, improper housing which causes sickness or death, injury from other animals, exposure to other illnesses and sicknesses via other animals during travel, shows, or at your residence. We do not guarantee for any of these issues once the sale has been finalized. 

Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any medical costs the rabbit may obtain after the sale. Under no circumstances are we responsible for damage the rabbit may cause to personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching. We will not sell rabbits with unfriendly or aggressive personalities, but a change in personality while no longer in our care will not lead to replacement. Often times, such behavior changes are brought about by improper handling of the rabbit.  Please contact us if your rabbit is acting in an aggressive manner. This is not characteristic of the breed and can often be remedied by a change in your behavior towards the rabbit.   

We will rehome unwanted rabbits purchased through us, but do not offer refunds. In these cases, we prefer to leave the rabbit on your property rather than reintroduce it into our rabbitry where cage space is limited. We will, however, aid you in finding a new home for your pet.

We guarantee show quality rabbits not to have any disqualifying traits. Our definition of show quality is not simply a rabbit that has no disqualifications. We only consider a rabbit show quality if it lacks any major faults that would prohibit it from placing well at a show. We cannot guarantee how a rabbit will place at a show. We will give you a description of the rabbit to the best of our knowledge and experience. We do not offer refunds based on a difference of opinion. It is always best to see the rabbit hands on before completing any purchase.  We also do not offer refunds or replacements if the rabbit develops a disqualification after leaving our care such as becoming overweight, pulling their teeth out of alignment on their cage wire, breaking a nail, etc.  These things can and do happen and are just part of the risk of rabbit ownership.

Our definition of brood quality is a rabbit that may not necessarily do well on the table, and may in fact have a disqualification including but not limited to lack of markings on a broken, ear length or weight, but has redeeming qualities that make them an asset to a breeding herd.

We do not guarantee the ability of any rabbit to produce live young. We will not knowingly sell any rabbit that does not reproduce, nor knowingly sell a rabbit that is a poor mother. However, we cannot guarantee that in a new home or under new circumstances that a rabbit will reproduce successfully. We offer no refund or replacement for lack of reproduction for any reason. However, we can recommend products and tips to increase fertility and to get a successful live litter.  We also cannot guarantee a buck's ability to reproduce.

Purchasing a rabbit from us means you have read and agree to the above policies.

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