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Many of our pedigrees go back to these cornerstones of our rabbitry line.  

Bruno profile 2.JPG

GC Murphy's Bruno

Bruno had 71 GC legs at his passing in 2018.  Among them were wins at Holland lop Nationals and the day after Nationals.  He won primarily BOB, BOS and BOV honors throughout his career.  He was honored with being included in the Top 10 Top Lops of the year twice.  

Bruno was known for sitting on top of my carriers at shows.  He also liked to pose for selfies with his fans.  He is greatly missed, but his genetics carries on in my herd.  He was far more than just a giant head.  He was one of the best ever and I was proud to have him in my barn.  

Baxter front.JPG

GC Murphy's Baxter

Baxter had 47 GC legs at his passing in 2018.  He too was a winner at PaSRBA and had many BOB, BOS and BOV awards.  Baxter also created awesome babies.  Many of his offspring went on to win their classes at Nationals and Convention.  Many of my current winners go back to both he and Bruno as I was lucky enough to have them in the barn at the same time.  They both stamped their genetics on future generations.  They also passed along their affectionate personalities.  

Chip front.jpg

GC Sibling's Chip

Probably one of the most influential purchases I made at the start of this hobby was this herd buck.  Sibling's Chip was the father to both Bruno and Baxter.  Although a small, compact Holland that likely couldn't compete today, Chip did have 7 legs of his own.  He passed on his structure to the next generation and was easy to add mass to.  He is proof that your herd buck doesn't need to be your best show buck.  As long as he is structured properly and bred with does that compliment him well, even the little guys can do an excellent job creating great show winners.  

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