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Updated:  9/25/23

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Loco in basket.jpg

Murphy's Loco

DOB:  4-30-23

Loco was a show bunny for the first few months of his life until we found a disqualification that prohibits him from showing.  He actually won an award at one of his shows because he definitely looks like the breed intends with his wide bone, fat head and short body.

I'm saddened that he can't remain in my barn because Loco is a constant source of entertainment.  He loves to stand up and lean against the side of the cage.  I've found him slumped/sitting with his head tipped up fast asleep.  I've also watched him fall over backwards and then stay laying that way.  He's a cheeky little boy that loves attention and has me laughing more than any other in the barn.  

I would prefer he go to a home where he could live indoors as he seems to be more sensitive to the heat than the majority of my rabbits.  He also isn't very fond of small, loud children....though I see his point and concur they're not a joy to many of us.  I think he would be a superb pet as he's just got more personality than the norm and he's so extremely entertaining.  


Pet buck.JPG

Holland lop baby buck

DOB:  6-30-23

This little guy can't be shown due to a disqualification, but should make a great pet.  It's a bit harder to tell personality in the younger ones, but this entire litter of babies has been super outgoing.  They run each other over to get to the door to get attention.  His dad is one of my most social rabbits in the barn who is a big talker, so I would hope he'd take after his dad.


fuzzy buck front.jpg

Broken Tort Fuzzy Buck

DOB:  7-29-23

Out of GC Skittles and Josie

Very compact and typey little guy.  I am liking that he has consistent width of shoulders and hindquarters.  Right now he's still maintaining a bit of ear control, but he's young and I'd expect that to go away with age.  Nice short body on him as well.  


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