Updated:  12/3/20

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Bucks Available

Murphy's Declan

DOB:  2-4-20

1 GC Senior leg

Out of GC Dunkin and Gia

Declan missed his junior show career due to Covid.  He did, however, get out for a show as a super young senior this spring.  He was consistently in the top of the class and won a leg in one of the shows.  He is an outgoing and affectionate boy.  Beautiful width and mass on him already and very well muscled.  Nice bone, topline and fullness to table.  A touch slipped, but honestly very similar crown placement to his grandfather Spanky.  Extremely nice buck that should just get nicer as his head grows with maturity.  

Murphy's Zane

DOB:  2-26-20

Out of Murphy's Uno (Spanky son) and GC Murphy's Zoe

Zane didn't get a ton of opportunity to show as a junior.  He was shown twice and won both classes, but there weren't enough bucks in his class to get a leg.  He was shown virtually as a 6 month old senior at Convention and did well for his age near the top of the class, but didn't have the coat to go out on the second chance to be shown in person this spring.  As you can see, that coat is still coming in.  Zane has beautiful thick bone, an awesome topline, thick and short ears and a giant head for his age.  He's a very full and wide buck with lots of muscle mass.  He would pair well with smaller does and will need to be kept on a diet to be shown as he has the propensity of his grandfather to put the ounces on.  He's a similar size to both Spanky and his dad Uno (who is Spanky's mini-me).   

Murphy's LeBron

DOB:  6-3-20

Out of GC Stump and Estrella

LeBron didn't have a ton of opportunity to hit the tables as he was either too young, molting, or was out classed by my older junior bucks.  He did get good comments by judges for his pretty topline and beautiful width.  I think he just needs a bit more time to mature to hit his peak.  He's going to remain a bit smaller boy than some of my others I believe.  He needs to get over his desire to pull back his ears and try to lift the right one, but that should improve with the next head growth.  Overall a nice compact buck that would pair well with bigger, broody gals.  


Fuzzies and Pets AVAILABLE

Pet buck

Close to 4 months old

Very easy going and laid back personality


Pet doe

Small for her age (8 weeks).  Should remain smaller than average.  Very sociable and easy going.


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