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Updated:  4/15/24

Please be sure to read our sales policy before making an inquiry

I can usually accommodate meeting transporters up to a half hour from my home.  That is usually at the Buckhorn exit off of Route 80 or the 901 exit at the 901 BBQ Restaurant (has a Pottsville address) off of Route 81.  

I always post a warning ahead of updating the website on my Murphy's Lops Facebook page.  If you've not yet followed us on Facebook, this would be a great way to know exactly when to anticipate an update of available stock.  This helps to make things fair for those that are interested in acquiring some of our lines.  For the last two sales I posted that the website was open an hour before I started taking sales requests.  This allowed buyers to read descriptions of available stock and ask questions prior to the sale opening.  I have limited supply as this is my hobby and not my job, so I'm thankful that the demand is as great as it is, but know that I can't possibly supply everyone with everything they are looking for whenever they want it.  If I can find a way to make sales even more fair to those interested, I'd be willing to entertain ideas.  Thanks!  

Bucks Available

None at this time

Does Available

None at this time

Pets and Fuzzies Available

None at this time

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