Updated:  6/29/20

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Murphy's Sid the Sloth

2 GC Legs

Out of Oak (Spanky son) and Lyric (Spanky daughter)

DOB:  7-7-19

Weighs:  3.14

Sid's first GC leg was for a BOB as a junior.   I did not yet have the opportunity to show him as a senior with the show seasno cancelled.  

He's a very well muscled rabbit.  Nice topline and superb width.  He's a touch slipped in the crown, but has very open and wide ears that are nice and thick.  Very full to the table and a very naturally upright buck.  I'd also like to shorten his front limb a tad.  

Sid is proven.  He has a litter of four in the nest box right now with a half sister.  

Murphy's Rowan

Out of Miss Priss (6 legs) and Uno (7 legs)  Neither were shown as seniors

DOB:  2-25-20

Rowan has a nice short topline and awesome width and muscling.  He's still growing into that head and I'm expecting it to pop with his next molt.  Nice thick, open ears.  Nice width of bone.  He does have a bit of an attitude about posing, but I think it's mostly my fault as I haven't had him out in awhile.  He's not a biter at all, but just wants to not sit still right away.  This was after I wore him out.  He should, however, make a nice herd buck as he has some very nice features.  


Nothing at this time.  I have several young juniors I'll be growing out.  I only kept the best of the best with the idea we'd not have any shows in the near future.  It will be a month or more before I see how these will develop and possibly make any more cuts in both the does and bucks.  

Pets and Fuzzy Hollands

Broken tort 8 week old buck ready for new pet home.  Outgoing and playful personality.  He's a bit of a goofy goober who likes to throw his feet in the air and fling himself around when he plays.  $80

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