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Located in the countryside outside Catawissa, PA , our small rabbitry resides on a 42 acre farm.  We are proud to offer Holland lops primarily for showing and breeding purposes, but we do offer some pets on occasion.  Our rabbits come from a superior lineage that has resulted in championship show quality Hollands.  We are proud to say that our herd has won numerous honors nationally in Open ARBA competitions.  It is a love of the breed that keeps us enjoying this hobby.  


For those looking for Hollands for showing and breeding:  Please let us know exactly what you are looking for.  Are there certain traits you need in your herd where you are currently lacking?  Are you looking to build a show line for 4H, youth ARBA, or open ARBA competition?  What lines are you currently working with?  Although we know what our lines will produce by themselves, sometimes outcrossing brings various results.  We recommend purchasing a pair or trio if you are just starting out from the same lines.  This is how you will get the most consistency in breeding.

We DO NOT offer pedigreed stock to be used for breeding for PET purposes.  We wholeheartedly feel that breeding towards the ARBA Standard of Perfection is the only way to show respect for the breed.  Although some of our Hollands may not meet our high standards to be pedigreed and are therefore offered to pet homes, we don't believe in mass producing pet quality Hollands for profit.  Ours is an expensive hobby that is done out of the love of the perfect Holland, not to make a profit.  We don't want our rabbitry name associated with the mass production of pets.  Thank you for  your understanding.  


For those looking for pets:  We pride ourselves in raising Hollands that are well socialized prior to them going to their new homes.  Our rabbitry will remain small so that we can give each little bunny the love and attention it needs.  In your email, please include information about what you are specifically looking for (gender, age, specific qualities such as personality, etc.), which will help us to find the right bunny to fit your needs.  We'd also like to know about the home and family that the bunny will be joining.  Hollands aren't the best choice for all households and families.  We love sending the perfect pet out to its new home to continue getting the great care that it deserves and want to make sure your expectations and accommodations are going to make it a perfect match.


Each bunny will come with a small bag of food for you to adjust them slowly to your own brand which ensures that their systems are not shocked by a sudden change of diet.  We will also give you a care sheet with some tips on how to keep your bunny happy and healthy.  Their birthday will be included so that you can celebrate their special day every year. 


If you have any questions about the care of your new pet, please let us know.  We’re always glad to help make your experience with your new pet a pleasurable one.  Please be sure to read our Sales Policy prior to contacting us.

Our Rabbitry

Bunny building front.jpg

Our Barn

We have radiant heat in the floors, air conditioning for the summertime, passive solar heat for the winter, and an automatic watering system.  The bunnies are living the good life.  

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